Greek Watermelon Exports to Europe & Middle East

Watermelon Varieties

DUMARA TYPES, CRISBY watermelon, OPLA watermelon , CRIMSON watermelon, SUGAR BABY watermelon, GALAXY TYPE watermelon

Exports & Standardization

We export Greek watermelons, in any desired packaging (wooden pallets, cartons etc.)

Best Prices

The setup of our company, allowing us to provide you with quality Greek watermelons at very affordable prices.


The Greek Watermelon Exporting Company

Contact us and learn how we can provide you with varieties of Greek watermelons on wooden pallets or other desired packagings.


1 Over 20 years of experience in
watermelons production and exports

2Best Prices
We have competitive prices, unique products and watermelons of excellent quality.

3 Wide variety
of all kinds of Greek watermelons

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