Strange taste combinations


We all know the watermelon as a fruit, consumed neat and cool in the summer, but in various cuisines of the world is best combined with ... odd materials creating new delicious flavors.
For example, watermelon fits perfectly with feta and blue cheese. However, there are not many people who whould dare to put a "watermelon burger with cheese" on their plate...
Moreover, a watermelon slice with prosciutto, a little soft Brie cheese and plenty of lemon is a unique gourmet treat for every palate!

Low caloric density

Rich with important vitamins such as A and C, several minerals and no cholesterol and fats, watermelon is an absolutely healthy fruit that refreshes without fattening.
In short, watermelon not only has fewer calories than most fruits, but also contains less sugar.
Moreover, it has a higher water content than other fruits, which is a great advantage, because foods with much more water get you satisfied without burdening the body with calories.
Watermelon is, then, what we call low caloric density fruit, making it an important "weapon" on a balanced diet.


Colorful watermelon varieties

Watermelon is without doubt one of the most favorite summer fruit, which has rightly received the designation of "king"!

Sweet, cool, juicy, fresh and sweet. Watermelon appears in hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt and it is cultivated since the 10th century AD in China, while the 13th century makes its appearance in Europe.

The Greek word for the fruit is "ydropepon".


90% water


Watermelon contains about 92% water and only 5% sugar, so its consumption is causing intense diuresis.
And if this is considered... annoying by some, think that this is how the blood and kidneys are purified!
Also, the excess water in watermelon is the main reason why we should not consume it immediately after lunch or dinner because it can negatively affect your digestion.